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Black Reishi Agar Plate

Black Reishi Agar Plate

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Species Ganoderma sinense
Difficulty ℹ️ 🍄🍄🍄
Spore Coloration Brown
Ecology Saprophytic
Edibility Inedible, Medicinal


The basidiocarp is annual, stipitate, and corky-woody.

The pileus (cap) is semicircular and measures 2.5–0.5 by 5.2–9 cm and is 9.2–1.2 cm thick in nature. It measures 2.5–6.5 by 3.5–12 cm and is 0.5–1.5 cm thick when cultivated. The upper surface of the cap is usually purplish black to black or dark brown, laccate, concentrically sulcate or not, radially rugose, margin often subtruncated.

The pore surface is pale brown to dark brown, with grey-brown tubes up to 1.4 cm long. There are 5-6 pores per millimetre, circular, 50–180 μm in diameter, with dissepiments 40–160 μm thick.

The stipe is 6–19 cm long and 0.5–1.0 cm thick, lateral, dorsolateral or eccentric, cylindrical or flattened: the same color as the pileus and also laccate.

Context tissue is 1–5 mm thick, uniformly brown or red brown near the tube layer or with whitish streaks and patches near the cutis. The hyphal system is trimitic, with generative hyphae 3–5 μm in diameter, hyaline, thin-walled, with clamp connections. Skeletal hyphae measure 4.5–7 μm in diameter, and are golden brown in 5% KOH solution and are dextrinoid in Molder's reagent. Ligative hyphae are 1–2.5 μm in diameter, thick-walled, and much branched.

Basidiospores measure 10.5–13.5 by 7–9 μm including endosporium, and 8–9 by 5.5–7. μm excluding. The myxosporium is ovoid and brown with a dark brown eusporium bearing few and thick echinulae, overlaid by a hyaline myxosporium, truncate or not at the apex. Basidia are not seen. Cutis hymeniodermic elements are 20–60 by 4–8 μm, clavate and amyloid in Melzer's reagent.

In traditional Chinese medicine, G. sinense has wide applications, as it is believed to strengthen the body's immune system and disease response while regulating metabolism and normalizing organ function. Diseases treated by G. sinense involve respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, endocrine and immune systems, including internal, external, gynecological, pediatric and dermatological diseases.[citation needed] It is also believed to be useful for platelet-aggregation and as an anti-thrombotic, hepatic-protective, antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and anti-radiation agent.

In 2010, a G. sinense polysaccharide tablet was approved by China's State Food and Drug Administration for use as an adjunctive therapeutic drug for treating leukopenia and hematopoietic injury caused by concurrent chemo/radiation therapy during cancer treatment.

What Is An Agar Plate?

An agar plate is a petri dish with solidified nutrient solution (I make mine with light malt extract, generally). The dish is sealed with parafilm to keep it sterile while the transfer colonizes the plate.

The mycelial bodies grow on our agar plates in sterile incubators before being shipped to you!

How Do I Store Agar Plates?

Keep your agar plates ideally in the fridge, within a ziplock bag. Let them come to room temperature before opening them - it'll prevent condensation!

How Do I Use Agar Plates?

Grab your scalpel and get to work! Need a scalpel? Check my gear page!

Slides from agar plates can be propagated onto other mediums very easily. The beauty of agar plates is the ability to be absolutely certain that your sample is healthy and clean!

When Will My Agar Plate Ship?

All of my agar plates are made-to-order. This ensures that you have nothing but the freshest, most voracious mycelium when it gets to your doorstep.

Please check for your individual species on this page to see colonization times.

If you're interested in ordering agar plates and other items like liquid culture, or mushroom spores, you can have your order shipped in two by adding this item!

What Comes In My Package?

For each agar plate in your order, you'll receive a healthy, colonized agar plate, and an additional piece of parafilm in case you need to reseal it.

What if Something Goes Wrong?

If you any questions as to the density, sterility or other concerns about your order please email me directly at

Under no circumstances contact us about cultivation of active spores regardless of legality in your home location. Doing so will result in a cancellation of all open orders and denial of any future orders.

While all of our products are made in the most sterile conditions possible, sometimes contamination happens! I'll make it right!

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