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Southwest Shroomery

Summer 2023 Forays

Summer 2023 Forays

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Join us for a day of foraging in the woods this summer! 

We'll spend approximately 3 hours hiking along trails in the Santa Fe National Forest, starting at 9am. We'll be moving together through the woods while looking for fungi that frequently grow in the area such as:

Auricularia auricula (Wood Ear or Cloud Ear);

Boletus spp. (Porcini, Cep, Red-capped, King, or Queen Boletes)

Cantharellus spp. (Chanterelles);

Coprinus comatus (Shaggy Mane, Lawyer's Wig);

Lycoperdon spp. (Puffballs);

Pleurotus spp. (Oysters);

Sarcodon imbricatus (Hawk-wing Mushroom, Scaly Hedgehog);

Lactarius deliciosus (Delicious Milky Cap);

Agaricus spp. (Meadow Mushrooms, Woodland Agaric, or Horse Mushrooms)

...and many more!

Once we've spent a few hours in the woods hunting for our fungal friends, we'll regroup at our vehicles to discuss what we've found. Depending on the weather and finds, we may even have a taste & try!

Participants must arrive at the destination by 9:15 for a brief and to sign waivers. No carpooling or transportation will be provided. You'll need to come prepared for a moderately difficult hike, bring the following:

  • A foraging knife
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Hiking Boots
  • A basket or mesh bag to carry mushrooms

Book early! Prices increase on 4/14 and 6/14! If you are interested in purchasing 4 or more tickets for an event, please email us for a group discount.

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