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Leucistic Golden Teacher Spore Syringe

Leucistic Golden Teacher Spore Syringe

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Species Psilocybe cubensis
Difficulty ℹ️ 🍄🍄
Spore Coloration Dark Purple (light)


Leucistic Golden Teacher (White Teacher) mushroom spores exhibit a unique genetic mutation that results in a partial loss of pigmentation. Unlike the standard Golden Teacher strain, the leucistic variety displays a lighter, paler appearance with reduced melanin production.

The spores appear white or very light in colour, which sets them apart from the dark spores typically observed in Golden Teacher. These spores are particularly interesting due to their distinct morphology.

Known for their elegant leucistic pale coloured caps and slender stems.

Interested in the origins of the Golden Teacher varietal? Keep reading!

Most accounts suggest that the Golden Teacher was first introduced to the modern world in the 1980s. However, the exact origin, be it a specific location or individual who first isolated the strain, is not definitively documented. Over time, its popularity in cultivation and consumption has grown, leading to its widespread recognition and availability in the psychedelic and mycological communities.

The name of these spores: "Golden Teacher" itself derives from the mushroom's appearance and the reported effects. The caps of the mature mushroom are often golden or yellowish, and many users report profound insights or "lessons" during their experiences, thus the moniker "teacher."

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