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Boletus rubriceps

Boletus rubriceps

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Boletus rubriceps 

Boletus rubriceps is a species of bolete fungus in the family Boletaceae. Although it was officially described as new to science in 2014, the bolete had previously been reported as either Boletus edulis or B. pinophilus. Molecular analysis showed that it was sufficiently different from other morphologically similar Boletus species to warrant designation as a distinct species. It is found in the southwestern United States and southern Rocky Mountains, where it associates with spruce, pine, and sometimes fir.

The fruit bodies are edible and highly sought after; they are often sold in farmer's markets of Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, and are used in some restaurants. The specific epithet refers to the reddish color of the caps (Latin ruber = "red"; caput = "head" or "cap"). Common names given to the bolete include "Ruby Porcini", "Rocky Mountain red-capped king bolete” or “Rocky Mountain red".

We offer hand picked dried boletes and freshly foraged boletes when seasonally available.

This product comes in two different styles:

Agar Plate

A single agar plate wrapped in Parafilm, as well as one additional piece of parafilm for resealing.

Liquid Culture Syringe
  • 1x Syringe containing 10-12cc of a live mycelium culture
  • 1x Sterile 18 Gauge Needle
  • 1x Alcohol Wipe

If you any questions as to the density, sterility or other concerns about your order please email us directly at

Under no circumstances contact us about cultivation of active spores regardless of legality in your home location. Doing so will result in a cancellation of all open orders and denial of any future orders.

While all of our products are made in the most sterile conditions possible, sometimes contamination happens! Please contact us if you have any issues or concerns with the cleanliness of your culture.

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