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Tarragon Oyster

Tarragon Oyster

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Pleurotus eunosmus

The Tarragon Oyster mushroom is closely related to Pleurotus ostreatus. According to Watling & Gregory, this mushroom is generally considered a form or variety of P. ostreatus, but differs in the strong smell of tarragon. It has been reported from England and Scotland. P. euosmus behaves, in culture, similarly to P. ostreatus.

This product comes in three different styles:

Agar Wedge

A single wedge of agar in an eppendorf tube, sealed with parafilm, inside a labelled plastic bag.

Agar Plate

A single agar plate wrapped in Parafilm, as well as one additional piece of parafilm for resealing.

Liquid Culture Syringe
  • 1x Syringe containing 10-12cc of a live mycelium culture
  • 1x Sterile 18 Gauge Needle
  • 1x Alcohol Wipe

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While all of our products are made in the most sterile conditions possible, sometimes contamination happens! Please contact us if you have any issues or concerns with the cleanliness of your culture.